Asking for Help (part 2)

by on October 11, 2019

Now, let’s talk about the other extreme: always wanting help, all of the time. I find this with my students and otherwise; the always asking for help with something one could take just a few moments to figure out for themselves. Using this “neediness” to find connection with others in hopes of filling the loneliness, or just having a lack of trust in yourself and/or a fear of failure.

This can show up in so many different ways – here is a very small subset of some examples that I see:⁠

🙋🏻‍♀️Yoga students looking around the room when I cue my class to raise their right arm straight up to the sky AS IF they don’t trust themselves to know what that means (I realize some adults don’t know right from left, which I understand and account for by modeling and using other cues). ⁠

🙋🏻‍♀️The asking questions one already knows the answer to as a means of starting conversation because they crave connection, find their own value in others, and don’t know (OR seek out!!) another way of being/communicating. This is dishonest. It’s detrimental to our own self-growth and to our relationships with ourselves and others. ⁠

I foresee responses that will try to explain to me the WHY of all of this. ⁠

I understand the reasons. The various defenses. I get it. I’m not questioning them. They’re legit. ⁠

AND who would like to move forward? Move beyond old, unhealthy patterns? Who would like to even shed some light on them, uncover them and become aware of them? ⁠

THAT, my dears, is the first step. The awareness. The seeing what was once in the darkness, the Shadow. Otherwise it will remain there, unconscious to you, and in full control.⁠

So, if you are pregnant or wanting to become pregnant and are willing to look deeper, at the root of some of your roadblocks, schedule a Free Discovery Call with me so we can discuss.

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