When Can I Return to Yoga Post Baby?

by November 23, 2019
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When can I return to yoga Post Baby?! ⁠This is a common question I get and, just like many of the questions I’m asked, there isn’t just one answer. It depends.⁠⁠On what?⁠⁠Well…⁠🌸 how did you end up giving birth? Did you have a vaginal birth? Did you have Read more »

Exciting New Offering! 10 Meditations for a Calm and Intuitive Pregnancy

by November 12, 2019
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Exciting news! ’10 Meditations for a Calm and Intuitive Pregnancy’ is now available. Originally, these meditations were only included inside my Birth Experience Design online course. I’ve decided to bundle up 10 of them for those of you who just want this piece.⁠⁠ Read more »

Rebrand on the Horizon!

by October 18, 2019
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I have a rebrand on the horizon and I am SO excited to share the details with you in the upcoming months!I have been working hard to look inside myself and my business, see where I want to make changes, feel into what I enjoy, what I don’t, Read more »

Asking for Help (part 2)

by October 11, 2019
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Now, let’s talk about the other extreme: always wanting help, all of the time. I find this with my students and otherwise; the always asking for help with something one could take just a few moments to figure out for themselves. Using this “neediness” to find connection with Read more »

Asking for Help (part 1)

by September 26, 2019
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I went to a gas station yesterday morning; a self-serve station that I frequent. I got out of my car, swiped my card and began doing my thing. A man came out of the station and apologized for not being out here to help. I Read more »

Define your new norm

by September 10, 2019

I grew up thinking that stress and anxiety were the norm;That never feeling like I fit in was an inevitable part of growing up;I was taught that struggling on every level was the way life goes.FINALLY, in my late twenties… Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, faith, spirituality, gratitude, and a Read more »

What do you love most?


The other day I was having dinner with a #privateyoga client. Her young son would express, weekly, that he’d like for me to join them some time. So, I accepted a dinner invite and enjoyed a delicious meal in their home. Read more »

Don’t Abandon Yourself Every Chance You Get


“Don’t abandon yourself every chance you get.” ⁣⁣This is what I told my class the other night when I felt called to use a theme of keeping your attention “here, with you, on your mat.” I could see it, I could sense it…the energy was all over the Read more »

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Your Partner and Your Doula

by March 2, 2019
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Guest blog post written by Emily Masnoon for the First Time Mom blog in March 2015. When I first became a Prenatal Yoga Teacher, I began hearing about and learning about what a Doula was.  I learned that a Doula is a woman who guides a Read more »

Humidifier Magic

by November 21, 2018

    We’re now well into the Winter-like weather of late Autumn, which means our heating systems have been in use for several weeks now.  With this heat comes dry air.  And with dry air comes dry skin, which includes the tissues inside our throats and nasal passageways.  I’m sure Read more »