Corporate Yoga Etiquette


Please take the following into consideration so that both you and your co-workers can enjoy class to the fullest:


Need to arrive late to class?

No problem.  I realize meetings might run over, so just come on in when you’re able to join us.  Please come in slowly and softly.  Rushing in and making a lot of noise will totally distract everyone else.  So please just be mindful of that.  When you’re on your mat and you hear someone in the back of the room fidgeting forever with their stuff and then loudly rolling out their mat…it’s distracting, right?  Right.  So please don’t be that person. 


Need to leave class early?

Again, not a problem.  Please do your best to exit the room quietly and without a lot of distraction to others.  It’s ideal if you can wait until you’ve left the room to put on extra layers, shoes, organize your belongings, etc.  Please exit before everyone has settled into Savasana (that last resting pose that we do).  If you wait until everyone is actually in it, you’re more likely to disturb the quiet, restful nature of this pose.  Please let your instructor (me) know if you’ll need to leave early.  I can help you keep track of time so you’re actually able to relax and can let you know when to take your Savasana (see below “Don’t skip Savasana”).


Don’t skip Savasana.

It’s that very last pose where we lie on our backs and rest (and sometimes fall asleep!).  It’s the most important pose, believe it or not.  So, if you need to leave class early (see above “Need to leave class early?”) please 1) let your instructor (me) know before class and 2) take a few minutes of your own Savasana before you need to leave class.  


Have a question during class?

Please be mindful of everyone else’s experience and please quietly wave me over if you need help in a certain pose.  I’m always looking around and making sure everyone’s getting the attention they need, so please just wave me over and avoid speaking out during class if possible.


Other Questions?  Just Ask!