Define your new norm

by on September 10, 2019

I grew up thinking that stress and anxiety were the norm;
That never feeling like I fit in was an inevitable part of growing up;
I was taught that struggling on every level was the way life goes.

FINALLY, in my late twenties… Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, faith, spirituality, gratitude, and a KNOWING that all of that just couldn’t be right, a SENSING of something much, much more expansive..helped propel me in a direction that I’m so happy to be going. (Apparently that includes wearing a plant robe, which I’m more than ok with!!)

Part of that direction is taking what continues to change and enrich my life and helping others who want to, change theirs.

It can be a really shallow, inauthentic practice OR it can be one of depth, true love, power, and freedom. You choose. Message me me if you choose the latter and you’d like my help. .

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