Did you know this happened to me?

by on November 29, 2016

dancerYou may not have known this, but I have worked in Customer Support at a software company in the Cambridge area for 8 years.  The last 4 of which I switched to part-time because the work environment felt so oppressive and stressful.  So, during my last 4 years there, I was in the office less (obviously) and taught more (yay).


The more yoga I practiced and taught, the more I immersed myself into the things that felt good, the areas of my life that felt nourishing, freeing, supportive, magical….the more I hated my day job.  I wondered how the heck I would ever be able to take the next step of leaving for good.  I worried that now I’d allowed myself to love the “other” life so much, which led me to be even more unhappy at my job and that I’d just continue to feel torn and live this busy life of hating several hours of every day.


After years of wishing and wondering and hoping and meditating, I finally manifested a layoff 🙂.  You can’t imagine how freaking excited I was when it happened.  I felt an unbelievable amount of freedom, that a weight had been lifted, that I could truly be myself in all aspects of my life.  I wasn’t surprised to feel happy about it, but I was surprised at HOW much happiness I felt.  It wasn’t JUST that the job I hated was gone, it wasn’t JUST that I now could focus more fully on the work I love, I felt like I had finally been cracked open the rest of the way so my light could shine much brighter and more fully.  I finally realized that my job had held me back in so many more ways than I had known – on so many levels.  The amount of gratitude that came with that freedom and shedding of something that made me unhappy was, and continues to be, so huge.  How lucky I feel to be able to live fully in a way that allows myself to be true to…..myself.
This happened at the tail end of July, so I had the rest of the Summer to enjoy freely (in addition to the teaching I was already currently doing).  I’ve been able to spend more time with my brother, my sister and her family, and my amazing friends.


So, yeah, that happened to me….or did it happen FOR me?!  Think about rephrasing that thought next time something happens in your life.  We’re conditioned to frame things as if we are the victim, as if things are being don TO us.  If you stop and reflect for a moment, you’ll start to notice that’s not always the case.


While the honeymoon phase is probably mostly over, I continue to root deeper in this life of full service to myself and to you, through Yoga and Reiki.


All that said, I’m teaching more and at new locations.  I also continue to add new service options and variations and am always happy to customize a session type or package type to meet your specific needs.  Please know that you can always reach out.  You know how important you are to me.

I think a Fall Self-Care Instagram Challenge might be in order, so be on the look out for that.

Stay Cozy!



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