Don’t Abandon Yourself Every Chance You Get

by on September 10, 2019

“Don’t abandon yourself every chance you get.” ⁣

This is what I told my class the other night when I felt called to use a theme of keeping your attention “here, with you, on your mat.” I could see it, I could sense it…the energy was all over the place, attention floating around somewhere other then “here”. ⁣

You’ve been there. ⁣
You get all present…connected to your breathe, your purpose, your reason for coming to your mat, how your body is feeling and what your thought patterns are like at the moment.⁣

And then you’re gone.⁣

A thought came through and you willingly followed it. An opinion (likely not even your own!) came in and derailed you. The to-do list has proven to be more important.⁣

Then you remember…what you’re doing here.⁣
You rebuild your focus.⁣
You get grounded. ⁣
And again, the temptation to look over and see what the lady next to you is doing comes in…⁣
…the urge to look up from your child’s pose because you just NEED to see who walked in late…⁣
…and again, you choose that over yourself.⁣

You’ve decided that’s more important than receiving your own attention. ⁣

And then you learn to work so hard to stay focused. Your vision narrows. Your mind becomes closed off. You become rigid and…you loose the purpose again. You’ve, yet again, betrayed yourself in the efforts to DO the focusing, to DO your practice, to always choose the same pose variation, the exert yourself to your max and take every opportunity to physically advance a pose. You’ve chosen the need to properly figure out the DOing…over yourself…your actual needs. ⁣

✨What if you could find a balance?✨⁣

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