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by on November 21, 2018



We’re now well into the Winter-like weather of late Autumn, which means our heating systems have been in use for several weeks now.  With this heat comes dry air.  And with dry air comes dry skin, which includes the tissues inside our throats and nasal passageways.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that dry-throat, dry-sinus feeling – maybe you’ve even experienced nosebleeds.  It’s time to get yourself a humidifier.

Especially you, my Pregnant Moms.  Pregnancy already brings a common swelling of the nasal passages, and often congestion (whether you have a cold or not).  It can also bring itchy skin (often on the belly, as that skin is constantly stretching and expanding to make room for your baby), which is exacerbated by Winter dryness.  So, get yourself at LEAST a humidifier for your bedroom.  You may even want one for each room, or opt for a larger option that will take care of your entire apartment, or at least a good chunk of your home.

Remember, your skin is your largest organ and it’s health is crucial to your overall health as your skin is an important part of your immune system.  Dryness means tiny (and sometimes not-so-tiny) cuts and openings in your skin, which allow bacteria to pass through.


My Recommendations

In the past, I’ve tried the options below and they’ve worked very well:

This year, I’ve upgraded to just one, heavier duty humidifier:

I’m loving this one because it covers my entire 1-bedroom apartment AND it has two tanks that you can take out and bring to fill at the sink OR you can just flip the tops up and pour water in.  This top flap that opens is also nice because it allows you to reach all the way into the tank for cleaning.  Other options, like the smaller ones I’ve used in the past, are essentially impossible to scrub clean.


Happy Humidifying!




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