Open Your Heart: Valentine’s Edition

Date: Friday, February 15 – 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Location: Wonder Yoga, 1305 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA 02476
Price:$40 for VIP Members; $50 for non-members


Join us for this relaxing and heart-opening workshop with 3 Wonderful Women – Wonder Instructor, Doula & Reiki Practitioner Emily Masnoon, Wonder Massage Therapist Jenn Kelly and Wonder co-owner, yoga teacher, astrologer and reiki practitioner Allison Jones.

Emily will guide you through a 2 hour restorative yoga practice comprised of floor based postures. She’ll encourage the use of props (bolsters, blankets, blocks, etc.) so you can get set up and cozy in each shape. She’ll guide you through a mindful and relaxing experience, while moving around the room offering reiki. Jenn Kelly will provide her highly-skilled, targeted massage and Allison Jones will be an extra pair of reiki healing hands.

Emerge from savasana and partake in a raw cacao ceremony. Cacao is a powerful heart opener. It was first used as a health elixir as far back as 1900 BC by the ancestors of Central America and then later used as ritualistic medicine by Aztec and Mayan cultures. The science behind cacao from Guinevere Short – creator of Heartbeatscacao:
“One of the main active ingredients that we experience in our physiology during ceremony is Theobromine. Theo-broma literally translates as God-Food, and potentiates the release of dopamine, the ‘pleasure’ hormone. This, alongside phenethylamine, which is known to help relieve stress and depression and which is released in the body during emotional euphoria, create heightened sensation and empathy. Alongside these, the high amount of nutrients in the cacao support and nourish the body, whilst also inducing a detoxifying effect on the liver and kidneys.”

We’ll sip raw cacao in circle and partake in a heart-opening meditation. Come single or paired! This event is not to be missed!

R E G I S T E R  N O W!