Prenatal Yoga Group Classes

Emily’s classes offer the space for an expecting mother to let her guard down, move and breath to release stress and tension, sink deeper within herself, and connect with her growing baby.

Prenatal yoga alleviates common discomforts associated with pregnancy while building strength, focus, and peace for both mom and baby.  It is also a great way to stay in shape during pregnancy and to prepare your body for labor.

Emily is an experienced prenatal yoga teacher, with a past as a Doula, who has been supporting pregnant women in the Boston area since 2010. Read more about Emily, here.

Weekly Prenatal Yoga Group Classes

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What my students are saying:

All of the breathing, mindfulness work, hip opening and
squatting from your yoga class went to great use. Thanks to your
wisdom and guidance I really felt prepared and strong.

Tess K.

Thank you so much for the amazing classes that really helped prepare me mentally and physically for labor.  I also met lots of lovely women through the class, and having a built in community of support has been invaluable.

Sarah S.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful classes, advice, and positive energy!!  I can’t wait to bring him to Tummy Time!


I really enjoyed the prenatal yoga class as a time to relax and practice breathing, and your workshop was also great. The effort you put into making sure that moms to be have a relaxing and positive experience was really evident and I really appreciated it!


Your class totally rocks!! No matter what kind of day I’ve had, I always walk out on a cloud 🙂


I am about 9 weeks pregnant with our second and due the end of May! We are very excited and I would love to take pre-natal yoga classes with you again. I feel like your classes helped me so much with my first pregnancy with connecting with my body and bonding with my new little one…


Thank you for everything! I could not have achieved the natural birth I had hoped for without your practice and the breathing and relaxation techniques it taught me!


Thank you for your help and support! Sunday morning yoga with you was the highlight of my week during my pregnancy!


Thank you so much for your wonderful class that helped me feel like myself all through pregnancy. Ellery and I can’t wait to come to your Friday afternoon class as soon as Ellery is a bit bigger.


Thank you for your prenatal classes, my yoga practice was so important to my labor. During early labor I tapped into the breathing and releasing we practice in class and during active labor and transition I was empowered to work with my body and Aaron to joyfully bring him into the world.