Private In-Home Prenatal Yoga Sessions

Don’t have time to make it to a studio? Looking for a more personalized prenatal experience? Want to keep up with your yoga practice through the nine months of pregnancy and need something different than a typical group class offers? Or do you love your group classes and the community that comes with it, but also need some individualized attention? Have an aliment that needs specific attention?


I will come to you!


I offer private prenatal classes in the comfort of your own home. Keep the sessions all to yourself or partner up with another expecting mama and split the cost. Contact me today to discuss details!


What my clients are saying:

I started taking pre-natal yoga classes when I was pregnant with my first child – it became my saving grace through what felt like a long, difficult pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I think I secured regular yoga sessions before I even had my first doctor’s appointment! Emily came highly recommended by my previous teacher who had moved out of state.

It’s easy to list all the physical benefits of regular practice during pregnancy – or any time for that matter (less back pain, lower stress levels, easier time sleeping, etc. etc. etc.), but for me the true value has come from knowing I have two hours a week set aside and there is nowhere I need to be except home. The ability to be consistent, but not rigid has been my favorite part of working with Emily. Having private sessions takes all of the stressful elements of managing schedules, commutes, and kiddos out of the mix. Emily has been so flexible and understanding, and each session is a customized experience – she meets me where I am and encourages me to do the same for myself (it’s not easy)! To be able to do this within the privacy of my own home has been amazing. Plus, there is nothing like going from shavasana straight to bed!

Ingrid P.


Check out my pair of #privateyoga pregnant mamas. They each have toddler daughters and work full time. Instead of trying to fit #prenatalyoga group classes into their busy lives, they have me come twice a week for prenatal yoga after their littles are in bed. They live on the same floor of the same apartment building, which makes our twice-weekly evening yoga sessions as convenient as it gets. Know someone who could use that kind of love for WHATEVER reason? Send them my way 😊🙏🏽✌🏽️. This is just a very quick snapshot of the session. Yours might look totally different. That’s the beauty of private, customized yoga. (This video was taken and posted with full permission. I realize the angle might make it look like the camera was hidden, but NO I’m not taking secret video of my clients 😆.) #emilymasnoonyoga

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