Breech Baby Yoga/Reiki Combo Session

by on January 18, 2019

Hearing that your baby is breech can be very stressful. You’ve endured a long pregnancy already, you might be feeling physically and emotionally uncomfortable and your ideal delivery does not involve a breech baby. Luckily there are methods you can try to assist your baby in turning and I happen to offer a few: Yoga and Reiki

In addition to being a positive modality to use throughout your pregnancy (and life), Reiki can be one method used to encourage your baby to flip into a head down position. It’s a modality I’ve been using with my expecting students since 2011 and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than hearing their reports of a head down baby in time for delivery!

During this 60-minute session, we will focus on bringing the energy fields and chakras back into harmony. Each appointment is unique to that mother and that baby, but a typical prenatal reiki session will focus on the kidneys and kidney meridian, the root and sacral chakra as well as helping you emotionally and mentally let go of any stress, fear or tension associated with having a breech baby. In addition, we will move through some Yoga poses that are helpful in encouraging your baby to flip into the optimal position for a vaginal birth.

Investment: $150

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