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Define your new norm

by September 10, 2019

I grew up thinking that stress and anxiety were the norm;That never feeling like I fit in was an inevitable part of growing up;I was taught that struggling on every level was the way life goes.FINALLY, in my late twenties… Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, faith, spirituality, gratitude, and a Read more »

What do you love most?


The other day I was having dinner with a #privateyoga client. Her young son would express, weekly, that he’d like for me to join them some time. So, I accepted a dinner invite and enjoyed a delicious meal in their home. Read more »

Don’t Abandon Yourself Every Chance You Get


“Don’t abandon yourself every chance you get.” ⁣⁣This is what I told my class the other night when I felt called to use a theme of keeping your attention “here, with you, on your mat.” I could see it, I could sense it…the energy was all over the Read more »