TummyTime Workshops



Friday December, 18 2015

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday, March 18, 2018




Before we went to tummy time Sadie hated being on her tummy. After the first workshop, having learned how to roll in and out and make things easier on baby, Sadie stopped screaming when being placed on her tummy. Sometimes she even seemed curious about her new perspective. At the second workshop which was really for my husband to learn how to do tummy time with baby, he was absolutely floored by her progress! All day he kept going on about how well she was doing with lifting her head and keeping it in the air. Your tummy time workshop was extremely helpful, fun, and a great bonding experience for the whole family! Thank you!


Thank you so much for holding this class. Xander and I had a great time and feel much more comfortable knowing what to do with tummytime. He is enjoying tummytime so much more as well.


I really enjoyed the tummy time workshop. Not only did I get to talk to other moms but I got to learn how to help my baby succeed in tummy time. I feel that I am better aware of how to get her into position, keep her happy so she stays there longer, and even learned ways to comfort her with massages. Sadie definitely had fun and worked hard, proven by the fact that she fell asleep halfway through! We are looking forward to going again and maybe this time she’ll make it through the whole session. Thank you!


I had no idea what to do with my baby while he was on his tummy and now after the workshop Samuel is willing to spend more time on his tummy as I have more ways to interact with him as he is there.


Thanks to your tummy time classes it motivated me to make sure Max had tummy time everyday at home even if he protested! Result is he is now up to 11 minutes straight of being on his Tummy and he is starting to really look around and enjoy it.


I think this class helped Grayson to become an early crawler! Emily was very laid back and had a lot of good suggestions.

Emily was a great instructor — very gentle and good at tailoring towards different ages of babies.