When Can I Return to Yoga Post Baby?

by on November 23, 2019

When can I return to yoga Post Baby?! ⁠
This is a common question I get and, just like many of the questions I’m asked, there isn’t just one answer. It depends.⁠

On what?⁠


🌸 how did you end up giving birth? Did you have a vaginal birth? Did you have a C-Section?⁠
🌸 if you had a vaginal birth, did you experience any tearing? to what degree? ⁠
🌸 how’s your overall recovery going, in general, and based on the above?⁠

So, basically, it depends on how your birth went. ⁠
Generally, you’ll get clearance from your doctor around 4 weeks postpartum if you delivered vaginally without complications. After a C-Section, clearance generally comes 6 weeks postpartum, again, barring any complications.⁠

HOWEVER, what I will tell you is this…⁠

It’s ultimately up to you. If you feel like you need more time than that, fine. I would suggest coming, if you feel like you can, because you can always just skip anything and everything that you don’t feel comfortable with. I encourage my new moms to take it easy, not to rush into anything, and to really feel into their bodies on the other side of the journey.⁠

I have had new moms come in 2-weeks postpartum because they knew their bodies, wanted to move a bit in a safe environment with someone they trust. They were very mindful to take it very slowly and not to overwork anything.⁠

So, there you have it, yet again, the answer can be supported by a professional, but really, it comes from within. Find an appropriate mix of those perspectives – one that feels right to you.⁠

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Message me with any questions, my dears, and I’ll see you soon! 💕

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