Winter Blues No More

by on February 21, 2018

I sat down to meditate this morning and, before I was able to calm my mind, my thoughts went first to my upcoming vacation and then to all of my houseplants that will be cared for by a friend who has agreed to apartment-sit for me.  (If you’ve been following me, I’m sure you’re not shocked that my mind went to my plants, LOL.)


The image of a little plant of mine popped into my head – I had the vision of cutting some of the longer trails so it will grow fuller.  You see, when you cut some plants right at a node (usually where it looks like there’s a joint, or where two other leaves are growing) it activates that node and the plant will grow two more branches from that spot.  With many plants, the buds that could potentially grow from these nodes will never be activated – it will only happen if the branch is cut.  I smiled as I recognized the parallel into our lives:


Some things can only be realized when others are removed; when we make space. 


The plant knows how much growth it can support and won’t just explode from all nodes.  We need to learn to let go of what no longer serves us, or what won’t allow the growth we seek.  When we do, the fruits are greater than we expected; greater than the loss of what we have chosen to release.
I’ve noticed that this is exactly how my life works.  If I take on too much responsibility, have too many physical things in my living space, am teaching too many classes, or feel like I’m just spreading myself too thin in general, things feel stagnant and often uncomfortable.  When I start assessing things to see what I don’t need, which classes aren’t fulfilling, which tasks could be delegated, which pieces of my schedule could be streamlined….things feel better and new things start to flood in.


My latest example: I’ve had a tree in my bedroom for a long time…for real, a potted tree…that has been with me for 10+ years.  It has been a wonderful and grounding life force in my bedroom and in my living space as a whole (it can be seen from my front door).  It even bloomed a few years ago, which is something that its type doesn’t typically do when kept indoors.  Incredible.  Over the last few months, though, I started not to love it as much…considered ditching it, but felt guilty and came up with all sorts of reasons to keep it.  Finally, two days ago, I got rid of it.  I needed a change, more space, more light for my other plants, and removed it completely.  I also gave up 2 classes at a location I just didn’t feel excited about going to anymore (after 8 years). Later that day, the opportunity to book a much-needed vacation suddenly arose and my friend and I booked it within hours.


Take a look, feel things out, see what you don’t want, what you don’t need, what holds you back, what no longer serves, and choose to let go.


Love, Light, and (lots of) Warmth,






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