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by on July 20, 2016

My students often ask for advice on buying yoga mats.Wheeee__I_m_on_a_roll___yogaeverydamnday__corneryogastudio__feetineveryphoto


While it’s tempting to buy a cheap mat, these cheap mats are often made of toxic chemicals (I’ve seen packaging with warnings that pregnant women shouldn’t use them!), they shed and fall apart, and don’t grip your hands when you’re in downward-facing dog.


I get it….and if you’re trying out a class and aren’t sure if you’ll even like yoga and continue with it, then buying a quick cheap mat is totally fine.


But, if you’re going to be doing any amount of even semi-regular yoga, I highly recommend that you buy something of substance.  Set yourself up for success – not frustration.


My favorite yoga mat is the Jade yoga mat line.

I use the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat – it comes in a number of great colors.

You might also like the Jade Fusion Yoga and Pilates Mat, which is a little bit thicker and would probably be more comfortable.


I like this brand because they are made of natural rubber and prevent your hands from slipping like they do on the cheap ones.


Manduka is another well-known brand.  I use a Manduka mat occasionally, but find that it doesn’t grip my hands as well as my Jade mats. Still, I know plenty of people who love them.


Doing Hot Yoga?


You’ll probably want to add yoga mat towel on top, then.


I love Manduka’s Yogitoes.


Put it on your mat to provide absorbency and comfort.  When class is over, just throw it in with your laundry.


I have quite a few of these (I keep a few in my car at all times for a last-min class!) as they come in awesome colors and more are always added – I just can’t help myself!





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