Aligning for Birth:

 The Masnoon Method

Online Course

Align your mind/body/soul for your birth experience.

During this expansive online program, we will explore and weed through the opinions and expectations that don't serve you, and identify your true vision so that we can work towards creating it.

Your thoughts and beliefs have a profound effect on everything that you do, including the way that your body births your baby.

Within this program, I will guide you through becoming more centered, intuitive, and empowered and from there, you will be able to get clear on your desires for your Birth Experience. We will identify what is simply noise (and we'll let it fade into the background) and will create focus and movement in the direction of your vision. The vision that aligns with your true self and important journey in this world.

Your journey into motherhood is meaningful, and nothing short of magical. Let's cultivate the soil, create the inner conditions as the blueprint for the outer conditions, and claim your ability to birth with alignment and with empowerment.

Throughout this program, we will strengthen your own foundation within yourself, while determining what birthing location, team, and plan is right for you and your family. You will learn how to identify the voice of your Intuition and allow it to guide you in your choices.

Together we will work towards aligning all of the pieces: your mindset, your body, your spiritual connection, your bond with your baby, and even your baby's position.

You will be able to move through the program and work at your own pace, in your own time.

If you have questions about these classes, contact me at [email protected].

Creating satisfaction within your birth experience is a life-long gift.



Benefits of Aligning for Birth: The Masnoon Method:

  • Improved physical and emotional state during pregnancy

  • Decreased fear and anxiety during pregnancy and throughout labor

  • Increased satisfaction with your birth experience

  • Improved mother-baby bonding

  • Healthier postpartum emotional state

  • Improved bonding with your baby

  • Improved physical postpartum recovery

  • Ability to enjoy time with your newborn and your family

  • Decreased costs for mental health or postpartum recovery

  • Less strain on marriage

  • Healthier interactions with your children

  • Better communication

  • Better use of resources and community

  • Happier, healthier family dynamic

  • Improved self-confidence

  • General sense of empowerment

"Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Emily and her birth experience program. I came to Emily when I was in my second trimester - I was under tremendous stress from the unknowns of covid and my personal situation. Although i knew that stress is not good for my baby, and did try some relaxation techniques, I was not able to lower my stress. Once I started Emily’s birth experience program, and doing yoga with her, my stress levels reduced dramatically. Just hearing her voice during the meditation sessions made me feel a sense of calm. She broke down things I should consider into smaller manageable pieces. Her coaching calls made me ponder on things I hadn’t considered and what was truly important to me. I found talking to her empowering. Even though I had wished for a VBAC, in the end I had a C section and was totally accepting of the decision. The support and resources provided by Emily are the best. You are in the wonderful loving hands with her. She is a caring compassionate person with a true calling to the work."

~ Anuja

Aligning for Birth: The Masnoon Method

$2497 USD

Online Course

  • 6 Modules of Video Lessons plus downloadable worksheets.

  • Bonuses and freebies to help fine-tune your birth experience
  • 1 free month of my Prenatal Yoga & Meditation membership
  • Cultivate a Healthy Mindset
  • Work through limiting Fears and Beliefs
  • Create clarity on Where and How you wish to birth your baby
  • Build out your Solid Birth Team
  • Develop a deep sense of your true desires for your birth experience
  • Step by Step guidance towards your ideal Birth Plan.
  • Journal prompts
  • Weekly guided meditations sent to your inbox
  • Set of my beautiful affirmation cards sent to you
  • 24/7 Access to all recordings and trainings 
  • Final consultation call with me

*Payment plans available


Aligning for Birth + 3-month Coaching Package

$4997 USD

Online Course + 1:1 Coaching

  • Access to everything in the Aligning for Birth online course

  • + 3 Free months of my Prenatal Yoga & Meditation membership
  • + 6 calls with me for coaching and going deeper
  • + Additional access to me between coaching calls
  • + Review of your personal birth plan
  • + Guidance with your specific pregnancy and goals
  • + Opportunity to have a sounding board and coaching around internal and external obstacles

*Payment plans available

Let's discuss to see if this is right for you!

Payment Plans are available upon request

A client wrote out her Birth Story beautifully.  In her full write-up, she gives background of her first labor experience with her son, and what led her to seek out coaching and achieve her victorious VBAC with her daughter.  Here's a snippet:

... When I got pregnant with Timmins I decided I wanted to approach my preparation differently in order to have the experience I wanted. I emailed Emily Masnoon, someone I had taken prenatal yoga from when I was pregnant with Bailey and I asked her for help. Specifically, I asked her if she could help me put together that thing I so scoffed at the first time around: a birth plan. She agreed, but she also offered me so much more than that piece of paper to hand to my doctor. She showed me how important self care (spiritual, emotional, and physical) during pregnancy was to the culmination of the pregnancy. Perhaps most importantly, she challenged me. At first I balked at some of her suggestions for reading and writing. When we checked in about my stalled enthusiasm, I realized I was facing that fear again: what if I did all this work and the outcome was the same. Well, she asked, what if it’s not? And even if it is you’ve given yourself this grounding experience during pregnancy. Ok, fair enough, I thought. I dove in, vision boards, meditation, yoga, reading, research. And, ultimately, a birth plan…
The Yoga practices themselves are wonderful! Emily is such a gifted prenatal yoga instructor. Her classes strike a great balance of effort and relaxation. When I finish class, I not only feel rejuvenated and relieved of my pregnancy aches, but I also feel stronger. The sequencing of each practice is varied, which keeps it interesting, though it is clear that every element of every practice is carefully crafted using Emily’s deep knowledge of how pregnant bodies can/should safely move and what is beneficial for preparing the body for pregnancy, labor, birth, and post-partum recovery. In addition to guiding us through the physical practice, Emily coaches us in how to use breath as a tool and how to identify our own unproductive thought patterns and instead recognize the power and agency that we possess within. She does this all in a straightforward, no nonsense way that exudes confidence, love and respect.”

~ Maeghan