Are you annoying?

Nov 01, 2020

I was once talking to a friend of mine who was pregnant and we were chatting, in passing, about how things are going and what's important to her for the birth of her baby. She started to tell me what her vision was, prefacing it with "I don't want to be one of those annoying moms who knows exactly what she wants, but..." ⁠

I stopped her and called attention to the fact that she just said that *knowing exactly what you want is annoying*.⁠

We have been conditioned to think that *knowing exactly what we want* is annoying!

Think about that.⁠

We go from telling little girls that they can be whatever they want, to telling birthing women they're annoying and unrealistic when they know what their birth vision is.⁠

We have been trained to think that our vision and our bodies are broken...instead of recognizing that it’s our society, system, and management of pregnancy and mothers that is broken.⁠

Having a strong and clear vision for your birth experience is NOT the problem. What if....what if it's that little sense of worry, sense of doubting yourself, sense of fear that your wishes won't be honored because we've handed over control to someone who is not in-sync with or supportive of your vision, the handing over of control to someone with a completely different set of standards than you, a whole other agenda. What if THAT'S the problem? ⁠

You having a clear vision? That is never, ever a problem.⁠

Let's bring it to life.

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