Small Business Spotlight: Ask Dr. Ariana

small business spotlight Aug 14, 2021

This month's Small Business Client Feature comes from a fellow birth experience advocate and former prenatal student of mine, Ariana Witkin! Read her story below and please support this small business if you can.

I first met Emily over 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, Sadie. I SO looked forward to her weekly prenatal yoga classes in Central Square. They were the perfect combination of nourishing and grounding.

Fast forward, and I now have a 2.5 year old! I'm a mama, board-certified pediatrician, perinatal health coach and maternal health advocate. I started my company and IG page @askdrariana to begin to address the gaping whole that is postpartum care. I believe that birth is a beginning. And what happens next, is not talked about nearly enough.

When I became a mother, I didn’t feel there was enough support or resources for mothers that showed the real, raw side of pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood. You know, the bloody nipples and ambivalence that we’ve all experienced but have rarely shared. So I created the thing I needed the most-- an evidence-based, expertly curated system for community and support.

I work with women individually and in groups who are pregnant and in the first year postpartum providing evidence-based education, practical support and concrete tools for the most massive transition in a woman's life!

If you're ready to join the conversation, head over to my IG @askdrariana or my website:

I love to hear from YOU so please feel free to reach out and tell me where you are on your journey.


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