Small Business Spotlight: Intuitive Nutrition

small business spotlight Feb 06, 2021

This month, I wanted to highlight a one-of-a-kind small business. My former student, Kathleen Froehlich created Intuitive Nutrition with women and new moms in mind. Keep reading to learn more and support this small business if you can!

I initially connected with Emily through her prenatal yoga classes when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had heard so many great things about her class and found it to be such a helpful way to connect with my body during pregnancy but also beyond pregnancy. Emily has been so helpful to me in my postpartum journey as well and I can honestly say my work with her has shaped my business and the direction of my own work. I am a Registered Dietitian specializing in helping people heal their relationships with food and their bodies. I practice from a weight neutral perspective, using an Intuitive Eating approach. This means that my clients learn to connect with their body cues, body stories, and nourish their whole person. I originally started my work as an Eating Disorder dietitian using a more rigid meal plan and standard recovery model and found that was just not something that aligned with how I wanted to practice. The more I have worked on my own connection work through yoga and working with Emily, the more my practice has integrated the client's own intuition as the core part of the work we do together. I have had so many clients become overjoyed to let go of the rules they have held onto for so long and begin nourishing their bodies in a way that works best for them.


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