Small Business Spotlight: Two Knives and a Pan

small business spotlight Feb 28, 2020

Sarah Hartzell, Postnatal Yoga Client and Owner of Two Knives and a Pan, shares her experience from one of my Mom & Baby Yoa Series' and how it inspired her to start a business where she could help new moms feel supported just as she did. Read her story below.

I first met Emily when my daughter was about 6 weeks old and we signed up for one of her Mom & Baby Yoga series at a studio in Medford. My daughter was so enraptured by Emily’s voice, watching Emily as she walked around the room. During a few different classes, when my daughter got fussy, Emily would scoop her up and carry her around the room so I could focus on some time to myself. It was such a relief to a tired first-time mom and I loved watching my daughter’s eyes as she listened to Emily give cues to the room.

That little baby is now almost a year old and I’m feeling a little bit more ready to tackle each day. But I try to remember how Emily made me feel during those early weeks of motherhood when I’m cooking for my clients in my personal chef business – a sense of a burden being lifted from my shoulders and the feeling of a helping hand.

Through my company Two Knives and a Pan, I offer a weekly meal preparation service. This means that I go into my clients’ homes each week and prepare meals for them to keep in their fridge. For every client, this service looks a little different. For a busy family, it may be 4 family-style dinners per week. For a couple of working professionals, it is 3 dinners with enough leftovers for packed lunches and a snack or two to get them through the week. I also offer breakfasts, lunchbox-packing (for kids or adults) and baby food services. Most of all, I love helping my clients feed their family and make their weeknights a little less hectic.

For more information or to schedule a free phone consultation, email [email protected] or visit I can accommodate any food allergies, dietary needs or preferences.

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