Soothing my mamas

Oct 07, 2020

I got to lead one of my private yoga client moms through basically an hour of calming her central nervous system the other day. As we move through this life of quarantine, this becomes more of a regular occurrence. She catches me up on how she’s feeling, what has changed in her body, vents about what’s been happening...all such an important and therapeutic part of our weekly sessions; of her weekly Self Care. She is a mother of two young special needs children and is super dedicated to the point of total self sacrifice. It shows up in her body and mind in multiple ways. I don’t want to imagine what it would be like for her (and her family) without her commitment to our time together!

While I like to help my students and clients build strength and 🔥stamina🔥 on several levels, Soothing people is one of my gifts. I remember my first opportunities to soothe even in my childhood. I remember my younger sister running to me for comfort during volatile times in our household. 🌿The difference now is that I have the ability to soothe, AND I invoke a sense of empowerment. 🌿This is how my gift has transformed with my 12-year yoga and meditation journey so far. This is what ✨lights✨me up and flows through me so abundantly. This is what I offer you. And I love it so, so much ❣️

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