Where you spend your time?

Sep 16, 2020

I’ve been working on making and keeping commitments to myself. One of those commitments is taking a walk every day. I’m fortunate to live amongst many neighborhoods through which to walk and one thing I’ve noticed is that many home owners have been putting effort into beautifying their yards and making them more comfortable and more enjoyable to spend time in. I'm seeing much more than your typical Spring/Summer planting. Yards are being torn up, decks and patios being built, large patches of grass being removed and tilled into fluffy beds for gardening, raised beds tucked in wherever they can fit. ⁠

So many people are finally taking the time to make their Home somewhere that they do actually want to spend time. They're being more deliberate with the land that they have and with what they're growing. They're finally using unused areas of their yards. It's been such a joy to witness! ⁠

🌿 Have you noticed this where you live? 🌿⁠ Did it take a pandemic for you to want to enjoy your home to the fullest? 🌿 ⁠

🌹This photo isn't my yard, but I loved the bright color these enormous rose bushes provide! 🌹⁠

Have you noticed this happening on a deeper, more internal and personal level? Maybe you're paying closer attention to how you spend your time, to who you choose to stay in touch with, to what you watch or read?⁠

❓What are some of the changes that you intend on making permanent for yourself and your family❓⁠



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