Intuitive Services


This is where we get to go deeper into who you are, who you want to grow into, what that life looks and feels like, and how you can rise to claim it.

These offerings allow us to access and strengthen our sense of trust in what we believe in, and how we can be guided by all of the unseen tools that are available to us. They are designed to allow me and my intuitive gifts to help ignite your own inner fire so you can lead from within as well.

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Thank you Emily, I feel amazing !

I chose to begin working with Emily after getting to a point in my life where I had done a lot of internal work and processing in therapy but still felt really stuck in a lot of ways. My anxiety and stress levels were very high, and I was always busy but felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. I knew the ways mindfulness, taking time for myself, and slowing down made me feel good, but I couldn’t quite get myself there. I participated in Emily’s pre-natal and post- natal classes as well as her post-natal meditation/yoga monthly offering. I always found that working with her led me to discover a lot about myself by looking within. I have always felt better after a class with her, so I decided to give coaching a try.

After working with Emily for just over a month, the first time in YEARS I am able to see so many positive things in my day or in my life. I finally can see a path forward and feel like I am making the progress to get there. Sometimes I still feel stuck or feel badly about myself, but with Emily’s support I am able to process this and think about what it means. I can finally find ways to move forward. I feel more present in my life and feel that I can be more present for my family. With Emily’s support I am finally moving forward, and it feels amazing! xo, Kathleen

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