Virtual Mom & Baby Yoga

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be offering LIVE Virtual Mom & Baby

Yoga classes.  Over the past years, I have offered several Mom & Baby Yoga series’ in studios.  While many of them have done well, there have definitely been some that we’ve had to cancel due to low enrollment.  As you’re well aware, the biggest reasons for not choosing not to commit to a series are:

  • The general fear around committing and then having to miss class due to the unpredictability of having a new baby
  • The day and /or time not working for your schedule
  • You’ve gone back to work, so classes during the week no longer work for you
  • Your baby has started crawling, which means group classes are (sadly) no longer an option.
  • Weather

The GREAT NEWS is that participating in Virtual classes with me means that all of the above are non-issues, because:

  • If you can’t make it LIVE, no worries, the classes will be recorded and made available afterwards.
  • No one cares if your baby is crawling around the room while you’re yoga-ing with us!
  • No need to attempt to leave the house when you’re snowed in, or if it’s a bajillion degrees and humid as a rainforest.

“But, Emily, part of the reason I like coming to an actual class is the connection with you and other moms.”

Well, great, I’m glad you said that and it’s why we’ll be using the Zoom platform that allows us the option to SEE (and hear, but I’ll def be putting you all on mute from time to time 😀 ) eachother.  This is nice for those of you who do want to share yourselves on video (gotta give to get, right?  lol) and it’s also a great way to get proper guidance from me – being able to see you make a huge difference.

How It Works

  1. You’ll sign up via the button below.
  2. You will follow the payment instructions on the signup form.
  3. The link to join LIVE will be emailed to you, as will the class recording.

Convenience, Accessibility, Connection, Options. 
So worth it.

This is an opportunity for self-care, for modeling important behaviors for your baby, for making a difference in the world and creating a ripple effect.  It’s at your fingertips.
Do you feel called to take advantage of this opportunity?