My Aligned Pregnancy



My Aligned Pregnancy



My Aligned Pregnancy online yoga membership is the perfect way to keep up with your valuable Prenatal Yoga and Meditation practice on your own time, at your own pace, with plenty of options to choose from.

When you join, you will have immediate access to a number of yoga practices and a meditation right away. In addition, you will receive a new yoga practice every 7 days, and a new meditation every 30 days.

All of the recordings will remain accessible so you will always have lots of options at your fingertips.

Lastly, by joining, you'll gain exclusive access to these incredible member perks.

If you have questions about these classes, contact me at [email protected]

This is Exactly What I Need!

The cherry on top is . . .

Once you have your baby, you can switch right over into my Postpartum Yoga & Meditation Membership, Staying In Alignment! It includes an ‘Early Postpartum’ section for the weeks immediately after birth when typical yoga and movement isn’t yet appropriate, so jump right in, as you wish.

I am beyond excited to support you across these amazing and complex stages in your journey into Motherhood.


“The video and sound are extremely high quality and it’s a treat to practice with Emily in her beautifully-lit botanical paradise of a living room. The Aligned Pregnancy subscription allows me flexibility for when I practice, which is so helpful as someone balancing pregnancy, full-time work and toddler parenting. Having the set of practices ready to go in my portal makes it so easy to roll out my mat on a moment’s notice to fit in a practice (or even just 20 minutes of a practice if that’s all I can squeeze in time for). I also love getting the weekly emails that a new practice is available; it’s a fun little gift every week and a great reminder to practice if I haven’t been making time to do so. The meditations are such a sweet bonus  — I often listen to them in the evenings as I am winding down or during the middle of the night when pregnancy insomnia and anxiety strike!

The Yoga practices themselves are wonderful! Emily is such a gifted prenatal yoga instructor. Her classes strike a great balance of effort and relaxation. When I finish class, I not only feel rejuvenated and relieved of my pregnancy aches, but I also feel stronger. The sequencing of each practice is varied, which keeps it interesting, though it is clear that every element of every practice is carefully crafted using Emily’s deep knowledge of how pregnant bodies can/should safely move and what is beneficial for preparing the body for pregnancy, labor, birth, and post-partum recovery. In addition to guiding us through the physical practice, Emily coaches us in how to use breath as a tool and how to identify our own unproductive thought patterns and instead recognize the power and agency that we possess within. She does this all in a straightforward, no nonsense way that exudes confidence, love and respect.”

~ Tess

My Aligned Pregnancy Membership

$39 USD


  • Prenatal Yoga Practices On Demand
  • Yoga & Meditation Video Lessons
  • 1:1 Live Consultation call with me
  • New yoga practice every 7 days
  • New meditation every 30 days
  • Weekly reminders for accountability
  • 24/7 Access to all recordings
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What it's meant to others ...

“Emily’s yoga teaching style is so well suited for working with expectant mothers. She challenges and encourages us in a supportive and caring class environment. She always reminds us to listen to our bodies and focus on what feels right each week." ~ Jen

“Thank you for everything! I could not have achieved the natural birth I had hoped for without your practice and the breathing and relaxation techniques it taught me!” -Julie.

“It meant so much to me to be able to take pre-natal yoga classes with Emily before the birth of my daughter Hadley, my first child. Each week, I looked forward to going to class and sharing stories with other pregnant women, and taking the time to connect with my baby and center myself. The breathing, stretching, strengthening, and opening techniques Emily taught were invaluable. In fact, I was able to push the baby out in only 20 minutes because of her focus on breathing. The doctor and nurses were amazed at the speed– they said it normally took a lot longer! I felt such a sense of accomplishment and, after 10 months of waiting for the baby, there no better feeling than to have the process go quickly and smoothly. I’m very grateful to Emily for her support throughout my pregnancy and for providing me with the skills needed to have a successful labor and delivery. I’ll be back again next time!” -Lindsay.