My Favorites

These are all items that I use regularly and recommend.  I may receive a small amount back from just a few of these links, but most of them are not monetized.  I simply want to share with you the items that I love and that work well for me. I will not recommend anything that I don't personally love and use.

This list is not comprehensive, so if there are things that you would like recommendations for that are not on this list and think I might be able to help, please reach out.  If I can help, I will.


Soundcloud beach towels - Get $15 off

My personal Amazon beach faves


Clutch phone charging bank - Get 10% off (CODE: EMILYM777)

Gardening & Houseplants

Gardening supplies

Houseplant supplies


Lighting favorites


Pilates Anytime - Get 30 Days free

Yoga props

Tasc Performance activewear

- use this link first for the discount code

- link to my favorite leggings

- link to my favorite yoga pants

Personal Care

Akamai Dental Products - Get $10 off

Their Mineral Tooth Powder is my fave and the link above will apply code EMILY68804 automatically at checkout.

Moroccan Magic Lip Care - Get 15% off

Fave personal care items from Amazon