Partner Prenatal Yoga Workshops

There are currently no Partner Prenatal Yoga workshops scheduled.

Please contact me to schedule a private version in your home.

During this workshop, Emily will guide expecting moms and their guest of choice (partner, sister, friend, etc.) through some creative variations of prenatal yoga postures, allowing movement and breath as a team. Partners will also learn some hands-on labor support techniques to help mama through pregnancy and labor, allowing for a deeper connection in a fun and supportive way.

This workshop will help prepare you for the intimate experience of childbirth. You will cultivate connection, deeper mutual trust, and bonding with each other and your baby. Pregnancy is an ever-changing time and this workshop will incorporate ways to really become a loving team.

For all stages of pregnancy. No yoga experience required.

What participants are saying:

My husband and I both loved your class! It was perfect for this mama to be. My husband was a little resistant on going but at the end of the class he mentioned how nice it was and he felt very relaxed and connected with me.


Attending partner prenatal yoga class allowed us to disconnect from the outside world for a couple of hours, and connect with each other. It was a fun way to spend some quality time together and focus on just the two of us, our baby, and our health.

Lisa & Leo A.

Thanks for such a wonderful workshop. Not only was it helpful to know ways in which my husband can physically support me through pregnancy and contractions, but also incredibly meaningful and rewarding to have a period of inner peace and quite with each other – all 3 of us!


This workshop showed me meaningful labor support techniques and was a very enjoyable way to spend time with my wife.


This was an absolutely wonderful workshop. I loved moving through a yoga practice with my husband with the shared goal of relaxation and teamwork. It was so nice to carve out space during a busy month to share something special!


As we prepare for our baby’s arrival in a few weeks, Emily’s workshop was a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with one another in a unique way, be mindful of how our bodies feel while moving together, and be trusting and supportive of one another in the process.

Diana & Peter

I am so happy to go to your class every week and now I feel more happiness because I could bring my husband to practice yoga with me and our baby… It was a beautiful opportunity to do something together and connect to each other on another level…in the experience of expecting our baby. Thank you so much for your beautiful class..and also thanks to the photographer because we have a photo to remember this awesome moment.


Thoughtful, caring, and attentive are the words that come to mind during Emily’s workshops. She is very intentional in her practice and makes every effort to encourage and support partnership in the practice…the same partnership we’ll need as parents. 


The couples prenatal class helped my partner and I connect and prepare for the birth of our baby. It offered many helpful tips for labor and it made us feel close to each other and excited about the expansion of our family.


Doug and I really enjoyed the positive energy and immensely supportive environment!