Staying in Alignment



Staying in Alignment


Motherhood requires a lot of you. Create consistency in your physical wellness, your mindset, and your moods so that you can fill the role of Mom and show up as your best self. Commit to yourself long-term, set a healthy example for your inner child and your kiddos. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of those you love, because a healthy mom means a healthy child. Plus, everything that we do creates a ripple effect. Be the change, my dear. It can be small, steady steps. I’ve got you.

The Staying In Alignment online membership will keep you balanced and harmonized throughout the rollercoaster of motherhood, at your own pace, on your own time. 

This is Exactly What I Need!

When you join, you will receive:

✔ Intro call with me to discuss your body and any advice that may be helpful based on your specific recovery journey

✔ Immediate access to Early Postpartum meditations that are safe for right after giving birth

✔ Weekly 20-30 minute yoga practices for Motherhood

✔ Monthly Guided Meditations

✔ The opportunity to interact with me and ask questions inside the membership platform

✔ All content will remain available so you can practice however much you like. Once a week, every day, or anything in-between! YOU choose what works for your schedule.

✔ Exclusive access to these incredible member perks.

What it's meant to others ...


 “Truly, the practices are such a gift. The shortened length is really smart, and I also love the option to link a few together in sequence when the babe naps for longer than anticipated. I also really like the meditations. I keep my phone and headphones by the bed so I can grab quickly when insomnia hits. The platform is great, both the online and app format. So grateful for this offering." ~ Tess

Staying In Alignment Membership

$39 USD


  • Introductory call with me

  • Yoga & Meditation Video Lessons
  • Weekly yoga practices for Motherhood
  • New meditation every 30 days
  • 24/7 Access to all recordings
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