Virtual Prenatal Yoga

Online Live Group Classes


Sundays 10-11am Eastern Time

Practice with me in the comfort and safety of your own home.

For all stages of Pregnancy. No yoga experience necessary.

My online classes offer space for you, an expecting mother, to let your guard down, move and breathe to release stress and tension, sink deeper within yourself, and connect with your growing baby.

Prenatal yoga can alleviate common discomforts associated with pregnancy, help even out stress and anxiety, building strength, focus, and peace for both mom and baby.  It is also a phenomenal way to prepare your mind and body for labor and the early postpartum stage.

If you have questions about these classes, contact me at [email protected]

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If you’ve been seeking a pregnancy journey that includes specialized and personalized physical, emotional, and spiritual support, plus a combination of live classes and on-demand classes.

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Kind Words ~xox

“EmiIy’s prenatal yoga class has encouraged me and kept me going through my entire pregnancy. I look forward to her class every week. Her class allows me the opportunity to carve out time and space during a busy week to center myself and really focus on my body, my baby, and this amazing journey we are taking together.” ~ Jen

“Thank you for your prenatal classes, my yoga practice was so important to my labor. During early labor I tapped into the breathing and releasing we practice in class and during active labor and transition I was empowered to work with my body and Aaron to joyfully bring him into the world." ~ Laura

“Emily’s yoga teaching style is so well suited for working with expectant mothers. She challenges and encourages us in a supportive and caring class environment. She always reminds us to listen to our bodies and focus on what feels right each week.” ~ Jo

“ Prenatal yoga with Emily was a fantastic ritual that my baby and I really enjoyed. Pregnancy takes a lot out of you, both physically and mentally, and Emily’s classes were a much welcome and needed source of rejuvenation. When it came time for me to deliver, the baby’s head got stuck and there was a lot of pushing to get him moving. I credit the strength I developed from yoga for helping me avoid a c-section." ~ Maya

“ I started taking pre-natal yoga classes when I was pregnant with my first child – it became my saving grace through what felt like a long, difficult pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I think I secured regular yoga sessions before I even had my first doctor’s appointment! Emily came highly recommended by my previous teacher who had moved out of state." ~ Ingrid

“ It meant so much to me to be able to take pre-natal yoga classes with Emily before the birth of my daughter Hadley, my first child. Each week, I looked forward to going to class and sharing stories with other pregnant women, and taking the time to connect with my baby and center myself. The breathing, stretching, strengthening, and opening techniques Emily taught were invaluable. In fact, I was able to push the baby out in only 20 minutes because of her focus on breathing. The doctor and nurses were amazed at the speed– they said it normally took a lot longer! I felt such a sense of accomplishment and, after 10 months of waiting for the baby, there no better feeling than to have the process go quickly and smoothly. I’m very grateful to Emily for her support throughout my pregnancy and for providing me with the skills needed to have a successful labor and delivery. I’ll be back again next time!" ~Lindsay