About Emily

Emily Masnoon is a yoga teacher in the

Boston, MA area who first stumbled upon yoga by accident in 2007 when a yoga teacher subbed for a pilates class that she attended each week. She immediately fell in love with yoga and began to attend the instructor’s yoga classes regularly. She also began downloading free yoga podcasts and started a home practice.

About a year later, Emily found Prana Power Yoga through a friend and began volunteering as a studio assistant in exchange for free yoga. Her heated power yoga practice took her love for yoga to a whole new level. She just couldn’t get enough.

Friends, family, and fellow yogi’s encouraged Emily to begin teaching so, in 2010, she completed Prana’s 200-hour Teacher Training, learning from Taylor and Philippe Wells, Jacqui Bonwell, Alex Amorosi, Lorraine Shedoudi, and a number of other amazing teachers, including Ray Mucci, Michelle Brenes, and Sue Jones.

Yoga has transformed Emily’s life physically, emotionally, and spiritually since that first accidental yoga class to the point where she cannot remember her life before or imagine her life without yoga.  Teaching her students brings joy to her life and she feels so honored and excited to have the opportunity of helping them on their yoga journey.

Emily is also an Intuitive, Empath, and Reiki healer. Her other hobbies include photography, interior decorating, gardening, beach-going, tea-drinking, Facebooking, music-listening, movie-watching, and spending time with her friends and family.

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