Private Coaching

As a Yoga Instructor and Reiki Healer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with women in varying stages of life. They all have fascinating stories. They have pasts full of experiences and futures full of hope. It’s humbling and inspiring to be in their presence. I am forever grateful that they choose to be real, open, honest and raw during our work together.

One consistent theme that comes up is the difficulty in finding time for self-care. This rings especially true for the mothers that I work with. The needs of children, especially babies and toddlers, work schedules and the responsibilities that come with a growing family can feel insurmountable. However, my students are also fully aware that unless they take care of themselves – they don’t feel they are doing their best taking care of the ones they love.

Imagine how it would feel to…

  • Find balance and calm between the chaos
  • Give yourself personal time, and meet your own needs
  • Fill up your love and energy tanks
  • Be a source of positive energy for your family
  • Go through your day in a satisfied and happy state of being

These are all things I want to help you achieve. With my one-on-one coaching, I will work with you to find that balance, so you can continue to care for your baby, while also giving yourself the love and attention you deserve. Our sessions will leave you feeling…

  • Nourished
  • Calm
  • Balanced
  • More like yourself.

We will find the best ways for you to maintain your own wellness so you can give to yourself and your loved ones from a place of abundance through several wellness and lifestyle modalities, including the following methods

•   Introspection   •   Meditation   •   Feng Shui   •   Positive Psychology   •   Yoga   •

We will share an open line of communication with each other, and as your accountability partner and mentor, I will help you to stay focused and on track toward your goals. You will find more clarity, confidence, physical comfort, and overall increased satisfaction with your daily life.

The Details

  • Step One: Schedule a free 30-minute introduction call – let us get to know each other!
  • Step Two: You decide if you’re ready to jump into this journey of self-love and growth.
  • Step Three: We will begin our weekly sessions. Each session will last 30-45 minutes and will take place via video chat.
  • Step Four: We will check in with each other. In between sessions, you can expect regular texts or emails from me, and know that the lines of communication work both ways!


•   Initial 3-month commitment $3,000   •
•   $1,000 per month thereafter   •