Namaste, beautiful.
Namaste, beautiful


As a child, I knew there was something different about the extra things that I sensed and felt.  When I was in my early teens, I experienced my first empathic event of literally feeling the feelings and fears of someone sitting next to me.  I knew they weren’t mine and I wondered how in the world THAT was happening.  I chalked it up to being worried about this person and let it go.  I went through decades of taking on other people’s worries, fears, feelings and wondering where they came from, struggling with understanding them, and how to navigate them. 

Yoga and I finally found each other - after a stressful, heartbreaking, confusing, anxious, depressing childhood experience, and after an empowering, confusing, anxious, awakening 4 years at Boston University, and after stressful, nightmare-provoking, toxic, soul-sucking jobs post graduation - when I was in my 20’s working a job at a tax firm.  I began to practice yoga every day at home, and then the studio that was my beloved studio for nearly 10 years.  It was where I began my journey of uncovering my truth, layer by layer.  It was where I made new friends after the Universe had cleared out all of my existing ones.  It was where I decided to become a yoga teacher, learned about meditation, and felt my connection to Spirit jump-start.

Along my journey, I have discovered new practices and modalities to help me access different parts of myself, connect the dots in new ways, and heal.  I have found new teachers to deliver the messages that I needed in perfect timing, and worked on my own transformation as I guided others through theirs. In fact, this is an ongoing journey - this human experience, the learning about oneself, the expansion into newer abilities and understandings - and I continue on my journey alongside my clients.  What a gift to guide, share, and evolve together.

How I can support you

My approach for each client is custom to where they are on their journey and what they want, need, are ready for.  For many, it begins with the Asana yoga practice, where we get to connect on deeper levels, learn deep knowings about ourselves, through the “entry point” of a physical yoga practice.  For others, meditation, visualization, energy work, and a deeper connection to and understanding of something greater is what they seek.  As I spend time with and feel into my clients, I am able to support and guide in the way that they tell me, that Source shows me, and we create transformation and magic in a way that feels just right to each client.  I let them guide me through their energy and unsaid communication, through their words and stories, and through direct guidance from Source.  And I must say, we create magical transformations together.  


Everyone’s journey, level of comfort with each modality, circumstances, mindset are different.  Their upbringing, their life’s events, their desires, their way of being - it all varies, and I find that so incredibly beautiful. 


What I believe unites us all is our inner strength, our rawness, our humanness, our drive for something that we are passionate about.  Sometimes these things are hidden, or have been forgotten. I will help you find them, rediscover them, remember them.

My Credentials

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Boston University and have been teaching yoga since 2010. My other certifications and credentials include:

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training – January-March 2010 – Prana Power Yoga

40-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training – March 2010 – Barrett Reinhorn

Reiki I Certification – November 2010 – Pat Iyer – Open Doors Healing Center

Reiki II Certification – June 2011 – Pat Iyer – Open Doors Healing Center

26-Hour Doula Training – May 2012 – Thérèse Hak-Kuhn – toLabor

45-Hour Advanced Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training – March 2013 – Barrett Lauck Reinhorn

40-Hour Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training – July 2013 – Jennifer Reis

Rebozo Certification – July 2013 – Gena Kirby

TummyTime!™ Tutor Certification – August 2013 – Michelle Emanuel

AromaTouch® Technique – December 2013 – doTERRA International

Heart Initiation Conference – May 2017 – Pathways Institute

Reclaiming the Shadow Conference – October 2017 – Pathways Institute

Psychic/Medium Mentorship - 2021-2022 - Lauren Perreault

Human Design Certification - July 2022 - Aligned Living Academy

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