Human Design

Discover your energetic makeup, your most aligned way of being, and your true purpose in this lifetime.

Human Design is the roadmap to your energetic makeup and will allow us to look at all of the intricacies that make up the beautiful, wonderful, unique person that you are.  

Learning your Human Design will give you permission to be who you were truly put on this planet to be.  It will guide you in knowing how to exist in alignment, fulfillment, and abundance.

The Impact...

"Being new to the concept of Human Design I had a considerable number of questions that I wanted to be answered before I bought into the process. After the first 15 minutes with Emily, I realize how “spot on” this technique is. I found myself being validated in how I respond to life situations. It showed me just how essential it is that I set boundaries for myself even though this is extremely difficult for me to do. The personality traits she described precisely depicted who I am and the reading showed me how I need to rely on my person in its entirety. I left with some great suggestions and with a desire to learn more."

-Catherine Gringas

"I was talking about our reading with my husband last night! I was surprised to learn that he is a manifestor...It makes me want to learn so much more so I can understand him better. I want my son to feel understood and to be his authentic self. Learning about his human design profile in our meeting was profound. I will say, I’m paying attention to when he is informing. It is easy to mistake it as him not listening or even being defiant. But responding to him as informing me has been helpful for us. I can't wait to learn more with you! "

-Diana Allen

More Client Love...

"I am having a difficult time writing a review of my experience with Emily because it was truly profound. Connecting with her was fluid and organic and felt like meeting with an old friend. She is truly grounded and gifted in what she does. It was quite refreshing to give myself permission to focus on ME for the first time in a long time, and Emily's reading provided an abundance of insights that resonated immediately, as well as some that I look forward to pondering and letting stew. After years of wandering further and further away from living authentically, it feels re-energizing to utilize what I have learned to recenter and bring about positive change."

-Keara Kreft

"I had my first Human Design session with Emily and it was really cool! I learned so much about my 'set up' and how to help myself operate in a healthy and productive way. Emily is so good at explaining and interpreting the uniqueness of our 'design'. I found myself thinking about this session for days afterward and I continue to apply the concepts to my daily life. Emily is so wonderful, easy to talk with, and generous with her knowledge!!"

-Kimberly Womack

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