Spiritual Life Coaching

Divinely guided Life Coaching
helping women of all ages
be their best, do their best,
love their best.


 As a spiritual coach, psychic, yoga teacher and reiki healer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with women in varying stages of life. They all have fascinating stories. They have pasts full of experiences and futures full of hope. It’s incredible and inspiring to be on their paths with them. I am forever grateful, honored, and humbled that they choose to be real, open, honest, and raw during our work together.

One consistent theme that comes up is the difficulty in finding time for their self-care, self-inquiry, personal development, and growth. This rings especially true for the mothers that I work with. The needs of children, especially babies and toddlers, work schedules, and the responsibilities that come with a growing family can feel insurmountable. Life has a fun way of triggering our own childhood traumas as well. My clients are also fully aware that unless they take care of themselves, they’re unable to be their best and do their best; for themselves and for their loved ones.

Step into your fabulous life

While our 1:1 work together will be divinely guided and will take its own unique shape, some of the things I work on with my clients are:

Reconnecting with your spiritual self or creating a spiritual relationship that resonates with you

Finding your authentic voice and ability to express that voice

Making choices in your life (e.g. career, personal) that are in alignment with your true nature.

Building regular practices that support you in exploring and expressing your authentic self

Shifting perspective to see the gifts of the present moment

Providing a gentle nudge to truly live the aligned life you desire

Intuitive guidance and authentic connection to support you on your journey

If you felt that quickening in your heart ... 

or a “ding ding ding” went off in your mind at any point, this is for you! 

There is purpose in you being here, reading these words, so I invite you to listen to that inner voice that says, “yes, this is for me.”  Let that be the first step.  Hearing the message…and the receiving it.

If you’re here, reading this, about to click the button below to connect with me on this, you are ready.  I’m excited to take the next steps with you!!